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Websites vs Yellow Pages

Again, notice the specific phone number assigned to the ad.

They can call from the Yellowpages. But no matter when the person picks up the phone from Yellowpages.

The phone number in the ad carries over to the website so that anyone who started by clicking the ad will only be able to call the phone number associated with that ad campaign. That is almost complete trackability. No longer can the Yellowpages. Their line that people using the Yellowpages. Well, it was a little bit painful to show that data from Figure 2 to Bob Perini.

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As you can quickly surmise, DMW will be out of Yellowpages. As a follow-up test, we created paid ads on all of the major Yellow Page websites — again, giving each one a specific tracking phone number see Figure 3. Of the 96 calls, 15 came from auto-dialers robot calls , 25 from other sales reps and only one was a lead that became a sale.

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Considering the cost per month for each of these ads, our recommendation to Bob was to cancel them. Could they increase in value in the future? Maybe, but is there any chance that Yellowpages. Highly doubtful — just like their print products, if there is a way to oversell and under deliver, the Yellow Page sales reps will find a way to do it. Figure 5 is a glimpse of the online activity for the same time period. Of these, one inquired about delivery service and none made an online purchase.

This might be a place to test a paid ad in the future to see if we could get more visitors. While some Yellow Page websites may become more effective in the future, at present nearly all of them are over-priced for his business.

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"Fingers crossed" is not a marketing plan.

Secondly, they are not the only authorized Google Ads reseller in Canada. We never agreed to renew our YP phone book advertising for this year for our company. Usually in similar ways to how we see YP customers being taken advantage of! According to the Local Search Association, a trade organization that represents online and print directory listings, interaction and action remains competitively high for consumers using Internet yellow pages. Very, very sneaky outfit. My story: My partner agreed to 12 months over the phone and then we were told we agreed to a contract when we tried to cancel.

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The listings in the red box are sponsored. Just like in the Google search results, ads are at the top, which is fine. The listings are simply not at the top. So are you really missing out on much? Chances are good that the vast majority of people search for a local business in a search engine. When they introduced their online marketing services of providing SEO, I tried them out.

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I can honestly say that even though they said they were providing SEO for my website, my rankings dropped dramatically and I felt I lost out on business as a result. He had been with them for almost a year and was not seeing the results he was hoping for. His rankings were not that great.

The Top Online Business Directories To List Your Business (Updated)

As a painter, he was in a competitive market. The main page of the website had about words of text. Your main page has to have at least words of text. There was also a lack of pages on the website. The more pages you have with relevant and useful content, the better your chances of search engines ranking your website high.

How to Claim and Merge Duplicate Yellow Page Listings

Search engines main goal is to provide the searcher with relevant websites. By relevant I mean websites that have lots of content that can help educate people.

So your site should aim to educate visitors. The main page has to be optimized. The Yellow Pages had added in the meta title, keywords and description. But they missed the optimization of search engine optimization. Optimizing the main page title is not enough in and beyond. Outside of having relevant and optimized content on your website, you need to have links pointing back to your website.

The easiest way to get backlinks to your website is to list your business in business directories. You also get a backlink in each listing. Business listings are also an important piece for how to rank a Google Places page. SEO is an ongoing process for many websites. From adding properly optimized content to getting more high quality backlinks, these things take time, and they must be done continuously. Another one of our clients had been with Yellow Pages for over a year. When I asked the client if we could walk through his Adwords dashboard, he looked at me confused.

With our Adwords campaigns , we believe in simply having access to your campaign and not setting one up using our account. Being able to see the data can help us determine if our clients are wasting money on Adwords or not. They were very sparse and provided them with only how much they were paying per month.