Georgia divorce and name change laws

Georgia Divorce Laws

Before you change your name, make sure you have thought your decision through and it is best for you. Want more useful advice on life after a divorce? Check out our free divorce article archive. It is very useful. I really need an info about name changes after divorce. Can I go to superior court , county of San Diego? Your answer will be helpful. Thank you in advance. I would like to change my last name back to my maiden name.

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My girls are grown and out of school and has their own last name now. I would like to go back to my maiden name now. Which is BS! Now I have to pay for it???

How Do I Change My Name in Georgia?

If you're presenting a divorce decree as your documentation, it must identify your After you change your name on these legal documents, make sure that you. In a Georgia divorce action, “a party may pray in his pleadings for the restoration If the party fails to request the name change in the divorce pleadings, and the.

I kept my married name at the point of divorce because i am a home owner and the the divorce was a nasty one. What with all the stuff i was already going through at the time the thought of going through changing all my cards, insurance, and deed to another name was discouraging. Now I wish I had. In most states, you can request that the judge handling your divorce make a formal order restoring your former or birth name.

I hope this helps. Hi Donny, what if 1 the judge retired shortly after my divorce? Also, my lawyer did not tell me I was divorced for 2 months! And that surpassed the 10 days allotted window to change my name. Between the first divorce and second, I never changed my name back to my maiden name.

Can I use this simple process above to change it back to my maiden name now? JSH: Keep it to piss him off. I thinking of keeping my married name AND assigning a new last name different from my maiden name. I live in NY I got divorced 10 years ago I am so ready for my maiden name. Your divorce papers give you the right to change your name back. My divorce decree granted my name change back to my maiden name though I never filed to do that.

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Now, I am getting married again and have a question. I do not want Name A to appear on my new marriage certificate. Where Name A is my current Legal name, is that then required to be on these forms? I just recently got a divorce.

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What could his reasoning be?? The request must not have been made in correct form so that the judge understood the request. There would be no reason not to grant the request. I just got a divorce Oct 11, I thought it goes back to your name. So how can I get my name back without going back to court or my lawyer??

Unless you were given the right to do this in your divorce papers, you will need to contact your county clerk to find out the procedure to change your name in your state. My divorce has been finalized. Tax filing is coming up, so is this something that I have to do? If so, in what order?

If you are keeping your married name, then you do not have a surname change, and no one need be notified. The divorce settlement gives me back my former name but how soon do you need to change your name after the divorce?

Name Change

I have several cars that I would eventually like to sell and would like to avoid all the title change charges. Also the house may not sell for a couple of years. In general, you may change your name back at any time, if your divorce decree gives you the option. I have been divorced since Now I want to get my maiden name back.

What papers do I need to file. Do I need my divorce papers? Thanks Sylvia. My divorce decree allowed me to change back to my maiden name, but I was lazy and never did. Now Im in a new relationship and we are talking marriage. Do I have to go back to my maiden name before I can remarry?

Changing Your Name After Divorce

There is not any money and I have no way of paying anyone anything. I was divorced in CA and am living in Oregon. I am just wondering, will I be able to finally get my maiden name back again??? I think every City and State have this option. I have tried to submit a fee waiver with my name change papers here to the clerk in Augusta, Ga. Plus the legal books said that I submit the papers and wait to see if the judge signs the waiver or not. Something seems off about this… what can I do? I wish we could — do they have a legal help desk at the courthouse where they could tell you the procedure for getting a fee waiver and submitting the paperwork?

I feel it really is very important for me to get rid of that last name I took on when marrying that person. The biggest problem for me is not having the money to pay for things. Most of the people are quite a bit older than I am and love playing bingo and such and those kinds of games are just not my idea of fun! If you could help me get my maiden name back, I would certainly be sooooooooo g l a d! Thank you for caring enough to allow people to voice their concerns.

You are very kind in doing this. Not sure if you will ever read this, but I would like to help you as I live in Oregon. If you can email me please do so ladyrachey hotmail.

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Yes, he was abusive and kept me fairly out of it with meds from his dial-a-doc for pills. How would I go about getting a copy of the divorce papers. See, I changed my name via common law usage. I wrote under a pen name and decided to take that name as my own after I left. But so many places keep trying to state that the only way to change the name is through the courts. It would be nice if the divorce papers would be the piece I need that would allow me to not have to worry all the time about my changed name vs. That should give the person in charge a hint.