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Chaderjian Youth Correctional Facility, O. They house only offenders who are younger than 18 years old. Three of them house only males and the fourth house, both males and females. One of the male facilities is a conservation camp only.

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When executing a California juvenile detention center search, visitors are urged to use the inmate locator feature on the website or call the facility in person for up-to-date and accurate information. Rules about giving out information on youths vary, and often, only family or approved friends will receive information.

How to Search for Inmates in Juvenile Detention Center Inmates The steps to finding someone incarcerated in a California juvenile detention center is the same for state and county searches. These camps employ about 3, inmates. Two thousand six hundred are qualified to assist with firefighting and other emergency-related tasks; others simply support the entire organization.

All inmates receive extensive training. These are minimum-security facilities but are fully staffed with correctional employees.

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Inmates are transferred to this facility through the corrections system, and their care and support are coordinated between the two organizations. The California corrections department has a special department to specifically work with out-of-state facilities called the Contract Beds Unit CBU.

This unit is headed by Joseph W. Moss, Chief, Contract Beds Unit. Everyone who is incarcerated in California was sentenced to confinement by a judge or jury after committing one or a series of state or federal crimes.

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Because of this overpopulation the state was sued and is now under federal observation and undergoing a radical reform program to fix the problem. Many inmates will simply go home to family or friends when they are released.

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Other criminals, specifically those who perpetrated serious crimes, may be ordered to live in a supervised community for a specific length of time. These are often referred to as halfway houses, and California has dozens of them staffed by correctional employees and volunteers. Parole and probation are often confused. Parole only applies to felony cases, and it begins when an inmate is released from prison. Parole is a supervision program that helps to guide the inmate back into society by securing gainful employment and a stable living environment. Parolees must check in weekly with their parole officer and may receive surprise inspections to see how they are doing.

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Probation also applies to felony crimes and is a supervision program where an offender can serve out their sentence outside of prison but must follow specific guidelines and check-ins with their probation officer. PREA Training. California Penal Code.

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Central California Women's Facility. Deuel Vocational Institution.

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