Pontiac trim tag vin number decoding

How to Read a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

What a great site! PP is Seafrost Green. M35 Powerglide trans and Z03 is Super Sport. Did you know you can contact Vintage Vehicle Services and get the original options list and other info? R-2 is red with black vinyl top. W is tinted glass and 2L is M20 4spd.

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Cowl Tag Chevrolet Div. General Motors Corp. W tinted windshield, 2M powerglide trans, 3C padded dash and 5W deluxe front belts with retractors. Thank you for all this great info. Plain Impala sport coupe. GG gold painy, gold bench seat interior. Bought a first generation camaro. The vin number seems to be off when comparing it to the cowl tag assembly date.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

IvecoBus [9]. Time Built Code The number s represent the month in the year e. The typical two-tone paint code was a combination of two of the available paint codes as suggested by Chevrolet. Code label Meaning Accessory Code These codes confirm the options fitted in the factory. Sample body style breakdown — 1 Chevrolet 5 Bel Air series 6-cyl 69 Four door sedan.

Off by atleast 3 months. In my opinion the vehicle orginal vin was replaced when the vehicle was restored inside and out.

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Is there a possible way to track down the orginal vin? Thanks Warren for this awesome site. My question is on the bottom line after the 5W seatbelt option code what does the mean? And would I be correct in assuming that being this was a late June production date and such a high number that this car was near the end of the production run. Thanks in advance for any info.

Flint production lasted into early August. Last built was 5F Thanks for the info. Is the ident number different than the production number? Is the the production number?

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Sure 9D body built 4th week of September Impala sport coupe BW , 1,th Impala Sport coupe body built at Wilmington, DE L is black vinyl bench seat interior NNA is Maroon paint with black wheels is the body run number found in top right of build sheet. Great site, I could identify a few things from the cowl tag for my 67 impala sport coupe. E is the work order number, internal plant use 67 Impala coupe built at Los Angeles, 1,th of that body style White with gold interior tinted glass, power windows, air, powerglide trans, rear antenna, rear speaker and deluxe seat belts.

Vin J Thanks in advance. BDY TR Cool color combo! Would love to see pics! I just buy a Chevy Impala convertible. It is a Canadian model with a 13 digits NIV. It was M35 is powerglide trans. On the Cow Tag I have a four digit number that I am not sure what it represents It is at the far right of Cow Tag.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and Cowl Tag Decoding

It may be the body style but not sure, any help is more then what I have. Can you help? I have a Impala SS convertible produced in Canada. My title indicates the VIN as F As the first 5 digits of the VIN indicate body style and engine and the last 6 digits are the sequential serial number, what do the 6th and 7th digits represent? I presume I should have the title changed to match the Vin plate. I have a couple other questions. I understand there was an option Z24 which was the S.

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Many of them have the white plastic lenses or tits just to the outside of the headlights where as others are black and silver metal as are mine that match the grill;. What is the difference?. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Decoding and Understanding Vehicle Identification Numbers / VIN's

I emailed you a reply but will do so here too. First 5 of vin is body style, then year, then plant then last 6 of serial. Plant code 2 is St Therese. I am considering a 65 impala SS in pretty bad shape. No motor, seats are gone but body still in pretty good shape. Nice car! Tuxedo black with the ivory bucket seat interior. Guessing it probably had a engine when new? Style SS ??? Body No. U63 is pushbutton AM radio. Neat car! Yes U75 is power antenna and the T is the convertible top color.

Have you got the option info from vintage vehicle services on this car?

Cowl Tag Decode

I have a Fisher body that vin says sport coupe but the badging is all ss. All trim is present and ss.

bebovisynco.cf Any thoughts would be appreciated Thanks Mike. Bought a storage locker and inside is a, or what I believe is a impala SS 4 speed convertible, Can you please decode the Vin and cowl tag for me. Might be white but not certain. I am looking at a Caprice that has badges. Has a12 bolt rear, no trans or motor. Vin is c How can I get some help decoding a trim tag.

I am considering buying the remains and resurrect the car. First line 10D. Paint Fourth line.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Covering all Pontiac Firebird Trans Ams including all Special Editions and How to decode your VIN number and cowl data tag to decipher your car. image. The Pontiac body plate data decoder enables you to discover the vehicle's build information including paint color, body style and trim.

W2LR Fifth line. And then there is a stamp that looks like three dots and Almond Fawn 3 seat Impala wagon with fawn vinyl interior built 3rd week of December at Los Angeles E tinted glass 2K factory air 2M powerglide trans 3C padded dash 5V deluxe front seat belts. Thanks for your great site. Hope you can help on this one. Have a 66 Impala 2 dr hdtp. A pillar tag has followed by J Both tags have the original rivets in them. Also, what number should the title show for a vin in this case? Vin should show to start. If it actually says , it could be a factory error.

Can u help me with my cowl tag pls I was left a impala custom coupe cowl tag is St 69 jan bdy Tr 40 40 pnt 06a. I have entered J, a custom coupe built very close to it! I recently purchased a ss convertible, it has teal blue paint, aqua blue interior, white convertible top, motor with a 4-speed manual trans. Hi there, I am about to buy an impala The owner seems a very nice man, he says the VIN tag fell off the door frame, I am going to ask him to show me a picture. Lastly, is there another place where you can see the VIN stamped in the car to double check?

Is there anywhere else where the actual VIN is on the car? Where are you located? I believe that is an accurate vin but for a car built at a foreign assembly plant. The GLU probably is the assembly plant. Is that the number on the tag that is missing? It would be interesting to figure out which assembly plant it was built at. Hi there, thank you very much for your reply. I live in Northern California but the impala is in Central mexico.

I am trying to get a pic of the tag that supposedly fell off to confirm the number I gave above. Another question for you, reading on your blog and other places it says that there is an actual second full VIN stamped on the car that we could double check with not the one on the door jamb, a second almost hidden one and not the cowl tag either. Do you have a picture of where it is or a more precise description of exactly where on the frame it is and whether parts need to be removed to see it? It may be stamped on top of the frame rail behind the drivers wheel. The only vin number I have is from invoice when purchased.

Any way to find out if it is still registered somewhere? I had it in Fla.